Experience 3D models as in real

From the user’s perspective, the simple use of the VR tool from R3DT without previous knowledge or training is decisive: Thanks to intuitive operation by means of unique hand interaction (powered by Ultraleap), the 3D models can be experienced at any time as in real 1:1. No matter whether in the factory hall, at the designer’s desk, in the meeting room with co-workers and business partners, at the trade fair or at the on-site appointment of technical buyers and sellers. The software license often pays for itself with the first use.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.


To achieve your objective with shorter intervals: The VR tool is at hand for more agility in your planning phase anytime.

cross connected

To exchange 3D models securely across locations and companies: Our VR software makes sharing affordable anywhere.

bloßen Händen

Anyone can operate the virtual prototype with bare hands: This allows you to easily involve all employees, customers and suppliers.

Order. Set it up. Get started.


Our VR software is a must-have for all working with common CAD formats. We offer licenses by annual subscription, including updates.


The VR ready gaming hardware is commercially available and includes a PC and a headset together with a Leap Motion sensor.


Either your IT department or R3DT will set up the VR tool. You just upload your CAD data and get started without training!


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