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The planning of manual or machine workstations and the optimization of ergonomics at such a workstation is one of the most important, but also time-consuming tasks in industrial engineering. With the Virtual Reality (VR) tool from R3DT, this optimization time is shortened while reducing the error rate at the same time.

A VR software for workplace planning

R3DT makes the planning of work systems tangible in the literal sense of the word: all persons involved can experience the planned workplace in virtual space in its original size through VR glasses. With the help of Leap Motion’s hand tracking system, it is possible to work on a virtual model with bare hands as in real. All this is done on the basis of existing 3D CAD data, which are projected into the VR world at the push of a button. Here virtual prototypes can be changed or adapted at any time. This makes it possible to carry out a large number of test runs: As a result, more iterations secure the planning process much earlier and the time-to-market is significantly reduced.

With the help of the Ergo-Check in VR developed by us, essential ergonomic questions can be objectively clarified in early phases. To do this, the planner positions himself at the virtual prototype, places himself in different body heights (percentiles), and tests whether the reach zones and fields of view are sufficient for assembly. In addition, the knowledge of other specialists and affected employees can be quickly integrated at any time. Lengthy discussions are no longer necessary. The construction of mockups becomes superfluous.

A VR software for workplace planning

Advantages of the VR tool from R3DT in the planning of work systems

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  • 360° visualization and working with bare hands
  • Creation of virtual prototypes at the push of a button from 3D CAD data
  • Numerous iterations with less time expenditure than with mockups or real prototypes
  • Savings potential of 30 percent compared to conventional planning processes
  • Ergonomic studies and workplace safety without complex models

If you are involved in the planning and design of machines, workstations or work systems, please contact us. We will show you the possibilities of R3DT’s VR tool on the basis of your own 3D models during an online demo or at your site.

Media coverage about R3DT

Innovative virtual reality tools simplify production planning. Errors are avoided and costs are reduced at an early stage….
R3DT’s software can be used, for example, to visualize production plants on a one-to-one scale: the user’s own hands serve as an aid, for example to bring objects closer or move them….
In early planning phases, virtual prototypes are used to avoid errors that would otherwise be difficult to identify….
“You yourself load your 3D CAD data onto a virtual platform, directly at your desk or in the meeting room. You can do this anytime, quickly and anywhere.”…
With Virtual Reality: errors can be detected as early as never before. However, the decisive factor is the use of an easy-to-use tool….
“The company use of Virtual Reality must be as simple as using a smartphone,” says co-founder Andreas Rüdenauer….
With R3DT’s VR tool, companies can use their existing data in such a way that they can virtually experience their products on a 1:1 scale at the touch of a button….
With the VR tool from the Karlsruhe start-up R3DT, which Stöber has chosen, entire systems can be simulated in the conception phase and experienced one-to-one using VR glasses. A simple principle with a big impact…

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