The R3DT Virtual Reality tool in Cardboard Engineering

Cardboard Engineering has put industrial engineering on a new base and made production processes faster and safer through rapid prototyping. With the Virtual Reality (VR) tool from R3DT GmbH, industrial engineering is taking the step into Cardboard Engineering 4.0.

From mockup made of cardboard or wood to planning in virtual space

Virtual prototypes created with R3DT’s VR tool can in many cases replace the costly construction of mockups made of cardboard, wood or styrofoam. This raises an additional savings potential of up to 30 percent in the planning process. Virtual prototypes not only make industrial engineering faster and cheaper, they also make it more variable and above all location-independent. Teams at different locations can always use the tool to continue planning on the current model. The customer quote “Within 5 minutes anyone can use it” says everything about the possibilities of industrial engineering in virtual space. Especially the integration of Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology, which allows working with bare hands in VR headset, is a unique selling point of R3DT’s VR tool.

Cardboard engineering
Image 1: Layout planning in Cross Connected
Ergo-Check at a manual workstation
Image 2: Ergo-Check at a manual workstation
Measuring in virtual space
Image 3: Measuring distances and reachability in virtual space

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