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R3DT offers the most user-friendly Virtual Reality (VR) software for everyday use in industrial engineering. User can virtualize CAD data at the push of a button (without special knowledge) anytime and anywhere. Anyone can put on the VR headset and work with bare hands (instead of using annoying controllers). In this way, 3D models can be experienced 1:1 within a few minutes, just like in real life. Essential use cases are in work and assembly planning including ergonomics studies, in layout planning of factories, in the development of machines and plants as well as in technical project planning. Alone or in teamwork, hardly identifiable errors are found, especially in early phases. In addition, the development process is shortened. Complex mockups and real prototypes become superfluous. Cross-location and cross-company work in VR is also possible at the push of a button. This avoids a lot of travelling. The bottom line is that companies save a lot of time and money. You are welcome to test the VR software from R3DT in detail anytime, anywhere and with the whole team.

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